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A completely new name made a dynamic entrance to the Power Transmission market last year – Drive Parts Direct. The ‘brainchild’ of Nigel Rose, a well-known figure in the PTbusiness, it has had a remarkably successful first year, during which it became clear they needed to increase storage space to enable them to hold even more stock of Steigentech belt and flooring  products.

“I am delighted that in a sometimes uncertain trading climate the demand for our products and services has been strong in our first year, and I realized early on that to provide the stocks and give the service our customers demand I needed more space” said Nigel. “We have positioned our product ranges as a serious quality and value for money proposition, my main partners Steigentech,

for whom we are the agent for UK and Ireland, are like-minded and forward-thinking and like me determined to offer a different way of doing business but one that also to retain our traditional values.” Nigel has watched the trend in on-line business over the last few years, and launched Drive Parts Direct as a company that represents completely new thinking – a fully web-based PT sales operation. Its sophisticated E-Commerce platform offers convenience, value and large stocks of belts,

Although Steigentech is a new brand in Europe, for Transmission Belts and Matting, their main factory is the largest rubber belt production unit, under one roof,  in the world, and uses the very latest machinery and technology – our entire product range is produced to exacting standards. These comprise of Classical and Wedge V-belts, in both Envelope and REC form, along with Multi- Rib Belts, Timing Belts, PU belts, and Turf Drive garden machinery belts. They also produce a comprehensive range of rubber sheeting and matting.matting and chain – available to order 24 hours-a- day“ The whole concept is based around keeping costs, and administration, to a minimum” he commented, “whilst I am delighted to talk to my customers, if they need technical help, all orders are placed through the web portal – there are no plans for a telephone sales team.”

“It’s a really exciting time for me and in the short life of Drive Parts Direct Ltd said Nigel, I am delighted that we will exhibiting at this year’s Drives & Controls show where we will be showing a comprehensive range of Steigentech belt and matting products and theDiamond Sapphire chain product.” Along with Nigel, the Vice President of Steigentech will be on hand throughout the show to discuss how Drive Parts Direct Ltd may be able to help you grow your business – they will be delighted to see you on stand D642.

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V Belts, Timing Belts And Food Conveyor Belts – Choose Belt That Suits Your Needs

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In today’s market there are several belt manufacturers all offering options to serve the different belt needs of the users. This article will help you to get to know more about a comprehensive range of industrial and automotive belts available.

V belts-Available in Different Options

There are various different sizes and types of Vee-Belts available on the market, Steigentech manufacture a full range of Vee Belts including the classical A, B,C sections – these have an outer wrapping which protects the belt and gives it a smooth inside edge unlike the classical AX, BX, sections which are manufactured with a RAW EDGE and have a cogged or notched inside and are quite commonly used in high torque situations. A further development by the V belt manufacturers was the introduction of the Wedge wrapped andWedge Raw Edge Cogged belts of which Steigentech offers a comprehensive range including SPZ,SPA,SPB,SPC wrapped sections and XPZ,XPA,XPB,XPC Raw Edged Cogged sections. Use of these belts in certain applications transmits more power with less belt slippage over the Classical section Vee- Belts. If you are not sure of the type of Vee- Belt you require you should always check with your equipment manufacturer, your distributor or supplier.

Timing Belts

Timing belts are parts of synchronous drives, these drives employ the positive engagement of two sets of meshing teeth. Hence, they do not slip and there is no relative motion between the two elements in mesh. Due to this the drive will maintain a constant speed ratio or even a permanent relative position. This is extremely important in applications such as automatic machinery in which a definite motion sequence required. The positive nature of these drives makes them capable of transmitting large torques and the ability to withstand large speed accelerations. The Timing Belt is particularly useful in applications where drive layout flexibility is important. Use of a timing belt enable the designer to place components in more advantageous locations and at larger distances without paying a drive penalty. Timing belts are basically flat belts with a series of evenly spaced teeth on the inside circumference, thereby combining the advantages of the flat belt with the positive grip features of chains and gears. There is no slippage or creep as with plain flat belts. The required belt tension is low, therefore producing very small bearing loads.

The belt will not stretch and do not require lubrication. Timing belts run quite compared to chain drives and speed is transmitted uniformly because there is no rise and fall of the pitch line as in the case of roller chains.

Polyurethane Timing Belts

These belts use steel tension cord encased in a polyurethane jacket with integral teeth. The method of manufacture ensures tight control of pitch length for applications where accurate positioning is required. Polyurethane is a non-crumbling, non-marking material with excellent resistance to mineral oils, greases and light acidic solutions making it an ideal material for food applications, on cigarette pressing machines and paper transporting systems.

The Steigentech Polyurethane belt drives are available in 3 pitch sizes, 2.5mm (T2.5), 5mm (T5 & AT5) and 10mm (T10 & AT10). Double sided belts and long open end belt lengths are also available. A new range of PU belts to operate on standard HTD pulleys is available in 5mm, 8mm and 14mm pitch in open end construction for high load reciprocating drives

A Brief Introduction to the Food Conveyor Belts

The conveyor belt is a must have part of handling equipment. It is primarily used to move materials from one point to another. Each industry has a need of buying the specification of conveyor belts that meets their requirements, especially those in packaging and material handling industries since there are many different types of food conveyor belts in the market.

Always choose the company that produces quality products. In all belts drives (and conveyor is no exception) quality is really imperative in terms of the strength of the belt. The belt strength is imperative since the device is used in carrying materials and it should have the ability to handle weighty materials. This is something that will also give you the value of your money since quality goes with durability

Techniques To Properly Care For A Vee Belt

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A Vee belt is also known as a continuous conveyor, essentially because it is a circular rubber belt having no beginning and end; it simply goes round and round. This type of conveyor easily gets worn out mainly because of its material. It’s not inexpensive, so it’s essential that those who use it know the different solutions to be sure that it lasts a long time to avoid costly frequent repurchases.

Making certain that the Vee belt is always clean is one way of extending its life. Using a belt scraper reduces build-up of sediments that can come from other parts of the conveyor. Ensure also that there are no sticky materials on the belt because they create a blemish on the surface and over time will attract dirt that may get transferred to the product loaded on the conveyor. A belt scraper can clean both the internal and external sides of the belt. A Vee belts that’s free from build-up dirt glides smoothly. Lubrication is likewise quite essential in making sure the rubber is moisturized; rubber, over time, develops some cracks when it grows too dry and stiff. Regular using of the appropriate lubricant can keep the flexibility of the belt’s material for a longer time.

Inspect other parts of the conveyor system like the rollers and chains, being sure each and every component is in the place where it’s supposed to be and that there isn’t any protruding sharp segments which can cut through the Vee belt. In the event of small tears, attending to them at once utilizing the hot vulcanized repair approach or the cold repair will keep the rip from becoming larger. Try to get the aid of experts for these two repair procedures because maintaining the sleek finish of the belt contributes significantly to the smooth motion of the entire conveyor system.

Operating the belt empty is an effective method in checking if there’s a tracking problem. Note that when the belt is loaded, it tracks differently. Making this examination first will help you to find out if there’s an issue with a certain element of the conveyor system. You can address the trouble before it impacts the entire functioning of the machine.

For daily cleaning, spraying water on the Vee belt readily gets rid of dust and also other substances and it’s also great at restoring some of the material’s moisture content that becomes depleted during extended hours of continuous use.

V Belt Introduction

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The original V-belt was developed in 1917 by the Gates Rubber Company. The name V-belt was decided upon due to the V-shaped cross-section of the belt.

V-belts are also commonly known as Vee belt are a rubber belt with cord members which can be produced in polyester or aramid, steel, Kevlar. The V-Belt has many sections (widths) and can transmit drives for all sorts of equipment such as pumps, building air conditioning, plant and agricultural machinery, grass machinery and lots more applications.

The V shape of the belt sits in a groove in the pulley which stops the V-belt slipping off and keeps it in-line. The V-belt will also tend to wedge into the groove of the pulley as the load increases – the greater the load, the greater the wedging action this improves torque transmission and makes the Vee Belt an effective solution for power transmission.

V-Belts can be purchased in various fixed lengths or in some cases in open length section; these can be joined to make a belt the required length. As well as the original classical wrapped V-Belt, other types such as Wrapped wedge, Cogged Raw Edge, Variable Speed and Banded V Belts are all available.

For high-power requirements, banded V-Belts are recommended – two or more V-Belts are joined by a backing/band that keeps them together when running and not allowing the V Belts to slip or elongate within the drive.

For Lawn & Garden Machinery V-Belts that are Kevlar corded and dry cotton wrapped are recommended.

Purchase Vee-Belt to Transport Raw Materials Quickly

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Vee-Belts have been used in a multitude of industries for over many years. They are used to move heavy and huge materials from one area to every other in a problem-free way. They may be used for horizontal transports of merchandise and uncooked materials. With the development in the era, such machines and belts also are used for ascending and descending merchandise applications. Each massive and small industry needs an effective approach of shifting items from one factor to any other. Vee-Belts are not only efficient, however also deal with the large quantity of labor at all times.

They’re considered as the mechanical devices which can be made of a non-stop belt that flow mild in addition to cumbersome substances from one factor to another. They’re used in commercial programs like big farms, warehouse, electronics, freight managing businesses, airports, agriculture, automotive, fixtures, prescribed drugs, food processing, canning, and bottling for the movement of bulk raw materials. Distinct forms of Vee-belt are available in the marketplace that is crafted from a huge range of substances to healthy one of kind applications. They range from cotton, cloth, plastic, rubber, canvas, EPDM, leather-based, p.c, polyurethane, neoprene, nylon, polyester, urethane, silicone and steel, and even steel.

In the recent instances, a huge variety of groups to be had inside the market that offers the best nice NN Vee-Belt at fantastically competitive quotes. To discover the great agency in your area, you may take the help of the internet. One of the maximum reputed groups is available to provide the excellent nice conveyor belt at noticeably competitive charges.

They provide distinct records of various kinds of merchandise offered through them. They’re the only forestall destination from wherein you can purchase heat-resistant rubber belts, EP Vee-Belt, etc. Further, they provide extra than 200 styles of TD75 conveying equipment and supported products which include power pulleys, magnetic pulleys (magnetic drum), conveyor rollers(conveyor idler), conveyor pulleys, electric pulleys, conveyor drive pulleys, frames, tensioner, sweeper, coupling, bracket and other fittings lifting. The main purpose of the leading service company is to build cooperative dating with their every client. They offer the best merchandise with unrivaled customer service.

Discover the quality company to buy cost effective V-Belt

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The V-Belt has gained a huge popularity in the recent times among industrial sectors. It is used to transfer raw materials from one point to another in a fast, safe and effective manner. Without this device, the factory system cannot handle the production demands made upon them, and industry cannot transport their raw materials from the area of manufacture to the delivery vans. The V-Belt is important to maintain the production lines, shipment system and even supermarket checkouts. The modern life would grind to a halt, and the factories would not be able to fulfill the consumer demand for products without a conveying system.

Almost every industry needs conveyor rollers to move goods and raw material from one destination to another. From food manufacturing, warehouses, mining industry, car plants, to an airport, every business utilizes such V-Belts to handle their processes. Conveying system is considered as one of the most effective methods for transporting products in your warehouse. In addition, it is the proven method of reducing labor and reduces the cost of your warehouse operation. They allow objects or materials move from one place to another whether it is small or large, heavy or light.

There are plenty companies available in the market that specialize in supplying high-quality conveyor idlers at reasonable rates. If you are looking for the trusted source from where you can purchase such system at affordable rates, then you can end your search with the internet. With the help of the internet, you can easily find out the best company in your region. There is one company available that specializes in supplying a wide range of conveyor belts at affordable rates. They are the one stop destination from where you can purchase EP V-Belt at highly competitive rates. They specialize in providing a diverse range of products. Each of them is good in quality and competitive in rates. They also provide detailed information about each product on their official website.

Some of the products are heat-resistant V-Belts, patterned conveyor belts, polyester (EP) V-Belts, sidewall V-Belts and conveyor system. If you want to purchase any product from their website, then feel free to contact them. They provide such products according to your specific requirement and with good service. Building the cooperative relationship with each customer is their primary objective.

Fire Resistance Vee-Belts

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Fire resistance Vee-Belts, or as they may be known in quick FRAs were evolved to comply with safety requirements. These belts are formulated in the sort of way that even though the belt catches fire the flame ought to get stipulated time before it is going out, which minimizes the threat of damage and injury.Using fire resistance belts especially include

Using fire resistance belts especially include Vee-Belts. There are many one of a kind forms of those rubber Vee- Belts, which of course consists of the fireplace resistance belts however also includes preferred cause conveyor belts, heat resistant conveyor belts and oil resistant as well as abrasion resistant conveyor belts.

Vee-Belts that contain fireplace resistance are but turning into one of the most famous choices because of comfort as well as to comply with pointers. They’re mainly used for internal transportation inside homes in addition to within tunnels and mines. The motive that for this is safety is of fundamental significance inside tunnels and mines; a fire might absolutely damage them.

Fire resistance belts are used thoroughly during many industries, which include mining, wooden, paper and pulp, sugar and meals, recycling and inside chemical and fertilizer plant life. They’re used with a view to making an industry more green, which is why they want to be safe, for this reason, they want for fireplace resistance belts.

Vee-Belt represents an excessive risk. The reason for this is due to the reality they’ve the capability to spread a fireplace over distances. When a fireplace ignites on a Vee-belt its miles typically started because of mechanical screw-ups, as an instance in an idler bearing or by way of friction. Using a fireplace resistance belt but the approach that this danger is minimized.

With the help of a fire resistance belt, you may make certain which you do not lose merchandise due to the ignition of a fire. You’re shielding yourself, your employees and your business as well as your home from the results of a fire. They’re well worth the investment, especially in case you require them for enclosed spaces which include tunnels or if indeed you are inside the mining business and want that brought greater safety.

A fire-resistant Vee-Belt has the deserves of conveying substances of high energy, long distance, and huge loads. However, it additionally has the homes of hearth-resistance and anti-static, and it is suitable for conveying materials underneath coal mine wells.

There are numerous safety requirements that exist today and fire protection is typically always excessive on this list. The whole thing feasible that can be carried out to minimize the hazard of a fire breaking out the need to be accomplished. Additionally there is a variety of industries which can be in operation these days that require using one or many Vee-Belts. It is because of this reality that fire resistance belts ought to be used anywhere possible, irrespective of what business you’re in. Even if you aren’t accredited to location fireplace resistance belts inside your enterprise I recommend which you do besides in order to defend your enterprise and your workforce simply in case the worst have been to happen.

Vee Belt Operation and Tracking the Belt!

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Vee belts are used in the factories for transporting goods or products from one vicinity to the alternative.  Even as selecting the conveyor belt we have many alternatives in phrases of sort of cloth we will select like there may be: Rubber Vee Belts plastic belts, fire Resistant Belts and different kinds. Apart from material decided on for Vee belt, other vital elements such as length of gadget, load sporting capability with pace and correctly play an essential role in customizing the conveyor belt characteristic for any precise industrial unit. Any industrialist could additionally want that the cost related to the set up of a conveyor belt is minimum, it need to serve for the production manner for a long time with none trouble.

For keeping the overall performance of belt hassle loose, tracking is of maximum significance. You could recognize tracking because the time period because of this to hold the shifting belt aligned, making it paintings in the width of pulley and rollers whilst carrying load.

For accomplishing the goal, a right protection is completed in addition to sure important measures are taken by using the conveyor installation group. Its miles made sure that every one running additives like pulleys, rollers and idlers ought to be flawlessly balanced, parallel and inside the body. Having the suitable anxiety degree in conveyor is critical, to keep away from any belt slippage. Cleanliness does play a powerful function to keep the hassle loose movement of the Vee belt, otherwise some debris or undesirable materials get caught, inflicting a halt in the operation of a belt.

Tracking is performed both in the static role in addition to in shifting country. The process starts with an empty belt then with an entire load on the belt, and adjustment is made on tracking if required even as running.  Once accomplished with adjustments then the Vee belt is administered for 4 to 5 times, in an effort to search for the impacts of modifications, if some over corrections are finished, then they’re again adjusted on the same area, we do not disturb other idlers.

If constantly tracking is being carried out at the belt then hassle unfastened conveyor operation can be guaranteed. In case there’s a few trouble with tracking then there’s a SOP of hassle shooting. We are able to have a look at the circumstance of the belt, amount of tension in belt and in joints, different structural components of the belt-like pulley position and curler operation, energy stage generated Vee belt splices and most importantly what’s the condition of cleanliness of the belt. Offerings of a few experts need to or can be acquired for hassle taking pictures.

Why You need V Belts

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Vehicle engines are marvels of contemporary engineering. It is awesome to think what number of unique elements and additives of an engine and the complete vehicle come collectively to make the entirety work. Belts are very essential in relation to automobiles as they’re liable for the transfer of electricity and motion between the specific components of an engine. As a result, they may be extremely critical and if one has been to fail, it can result in some important mechanical issues.

One of the high-quality types that you could get on your car is a Vee-belts. It’s miles from a producer who is the chief in the studies, design, manufacturing as well as the distribution of its merchandise all throughout the globe. They apprehend how crucial their product is and as an end result they attempt to make certain the top excellent in their products. They’ve a big collection of products for an almost car associated fields starting from trucking to agriculture.

The first-class way to get a maintain in their extremely good merchandise to your very own car is by means of going to a reputed product dealer online which includes us as we can provide you the right V Belt to your wishes. We can be able to offer you the product in different sizes, styles in addition to layout so you may have the proper product on your needs.

The principle purpose why you ought to via a Vee belt is that it’s miles synthetic to very stringent requirements and as an end result, their merchandise is excessive first-rate. They may be also very durable and subsequently the owners do no longer want to spend lots of many on renovation once they buy them. The products also are quite simple to put in and are available in a ramification of specifications so you get the right product to your wishes.

One in all their maximum outstanding merchandise is a timing belt which features an abrasion resistant cloth that is self-lubricating. This patented layout helps to enhance the lifespan of the product as well as that of the pulley. It also features a moulded cog design that not best allows to ensure that your automobile runs quieter but is likewise extra fee effective than similar chain drives. Their merchandise additionally features ann stretch wire in addition to a high modulus glass fibre that assist make certain that engine operates easily for a long term without the want for constant protection.

Other than this, they also have a number of other merchandises which are certain that will help you with your automobile no matter the use that you could have for it. With that merchandise, you’ll assist to make certain that your engine is getting the care it deserves. Now not just that, however, you will also shop loads of cash because you do not should pay an excessive amount of in its maintenance.

Top Reasons to Invest in Modular Vee-Belts


The first aspect which you ought to understand approximately Modular Vee-Belts is that they’re extraordinarily special and very exceptional from conventional belts which you are capable of see available on the market. If you walk into a grocery store, you will see rubber belts that assist make the test out system plenty easier to deal with. However, these belts do no longer offer the identical great benefits that modular ones do. Depending on in which you intend on the use of them, these belts are even greater extraordinary than steel Conveyor Belts. Even though you might suppose that there couldn’t be whatever else higher than rubber or steel to transport substances or products from one area to every other, these unique belts are going to surprise you.

An honestly interesting truth concerning Modular Vee-Belts that makes them so exclusive from metal Conveyor Belts is that they’re made from plastic. In truth there are such a lot of dissimilarities among these varieties of belts that you could accept as true with that they’ve not anything in common place. But, you have to recognize that each of them is used for transporting objects as a part of a coping with gadget. Furthermore, these precise belts are comprised of tiny parts of plastic that are locked collectively. One of the reasons why you ought to be making an investment in this form of belts is the reality that replacing and preserving them is extremely simple and less expensive.

Whereas metal Conveyor Belts or different forms of belts require you to replace them absolutely or to make investments lots of cash in repairing offerings, Modular Vee-Belts simply need to have the faulty small plastic portions repaired or changed. The belt made out of these plastic pieces can be used for decades to come back due to the reality that the broken items are easy to replace. If you think about the costs involved, its far tons less complicated to replace a small part than an entire Vee-Belt. Every other extraordinary gain is the truth that plastic does no longer rust and could no longer be suffering from humidity.

Due to their precise layout, these amazing belts are easy to easy and hold and are greater than appropriate for meals coping with structures that need to conform to certain hygiene requirements. In fact, these plastic belts can be washed and all in their elements are available for correct cleansing. Certain chemical substances may be used without worrying that the belt is going to get broken. In terms of lowering fees, you must recognize that those belts are lighter than others, which means that you may employ less powerful motors. This manner, you could shop greater on energy. In case you want to do what’s excellent to your organization, investing in a modular belt can be precisely what you want.