Techniques To Properly Care For A Vee Belt

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A Vee belt is also known as a continuous conveyor, essentially because it is a circular rubber belt having no beginning and end; it simply goes round and round. This type of conveyor easily gets worn out mainly because of its material. It’s not inexpensive, so it’s essential that those who use it know the different solutions to be sure that it lasts a long time to avoid costly frequent repurchases.

Making certain that the Vee belt is always clean is one way of extending its life. Using a belt scraper reduces build-up of sediments that can come from other parts of the conveyor. Ensure also that there are no sticky materials on the belt because they create a blemish on the surface and over time will attract dirt that may get transferred to the product loaded on the conveyor. A belt scraper can clean both the internal and external sides of the belt. A Vee belts that’s free from build-up dirt glides smoothly. Lubrication is likewise quite essential in making sure the rubber is moisturized; rubber, over time, develops some cracks when it grows too dry and stiff. Regular using of the appropriate lubricant can keep the flexibility of the belt’s material for a longer time.

Inspect other parts of the conveyor system like the rollers and chains, being sure each and every component is in the place where it’s supposed to be and that there isn’t any protruding sharp segments which can cut through the Vee belt. In the event of small tears, attending to them at once utilizing the hot vulcanized repair approach or the cold repair will keep the rip from becoming larger. Try to get the aid of experts for these two repair procedures because maintaining the sleek finish of the belt contributes significantly to the smooth motion of the entire conveyor system.

Operating the belt empty is an effective method in checking if there’s a tracking problem. Note that when the belt is loaded, it tracks differently. Making this examination first will help you to find out if there’s an issue with a certain element of the conveyor system. You can address the trouble before it impacts the entire functioning of the machine.

For daily cleaning, spraying water on the Vee belt readily gets rid of dust and also other substances and it’s also great at restoring some of the material’s moisture content that becomes depleted during extended hours of continuous use.


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