Unique Features of Poly V Belts


V-Belts  were fabricated nearly a century past by Drive Part Direct,a producing company, and that they still are the highest suppliers of this instrumentality within the trade. They provide numerous sorts which might be employed in a large type of machines and might be tailor-made to suit in with the precise applications.

Poly Vee Belts deliver the goods the best levels of potency and practicality attributable to the various hi-tech options consistently incorporated within the design.



  • Curves: The exclusive curves feature ensures wear is uniformly distributed and more strengthens even twine support and durability. This elongates the lifetime of the instrumentality and will increase the potency of the drive.
  • Versatility: There square measure many alternative sorts looking on the ultimate applications. The classical profile is wide used and appropriate for replacements in older machinery.The slim profile industrial applications and offers larger power in the lesser house. Metric-power profile is meant consistent with international standard and is compatible with machines outside the UK. FHP or three-quarter power unit profile offers larger flexibility and is generally employed in light-weight applications. There square measure variations long and breadth additionally on the market.
  • Notched style: The inclusion of notches within the design specifically targets bending stress and so reduces the generation of warmth that is one in all the key causes of failure and breakdowns. This enhances the flexibleness, provides further tensile support and improves functioning below variable environmental conditions.
  • EPDM: Not solely will the fabric that is employed to fabricate this instrumentality get to be high-functioning; it additionally must be extremely heat and abrasion resistant. That’s why EPDM, an artificial rubber compound identified for its superior, is that the material of selection. It offers of these edges and is additional immune to cracking and breakdowns.
  • Thwart wise Rigidity: The distinctive combination of rigidity and adaptability on the length of the instrumentality ensures long life and most potency.
  • Aramid cords: These cords supply higher durability and might modify larger shock load. what is {more} they’re additionally time and value economical since they’re more long lasting and need less maintenance.
  • Flex-bonded cords: The cords square measure firmly adhered to the most rubber portion employing a sturdy chemical; this enhances the era and creates the even distribution of stress.
  • Covers:  Solely prime quality covers giving complete protection from heat, dirt and contaminants square measure used.

With a policy of innovation, cost-efficient engineering and knowledgeable style, it’s no surprise that Poly Vee Belt square measure the foremost asked for elements for transport or conveyor drives.

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